Living Proof Hair Mask Review

What are your fav hair treatments? Mine has to be hair masks. Since I started using hair masks two years ago, I have fallen in love with them. As hair masks make my hair look more beautiful, shiny and soft. I have black medium-course Wavey hair, and sometimes the texture of my hair can get dry due to certain shampoos. If you are looking for a good hair mask then you should check one out from the Living Proof. Living proof recently launched three masks that target different hair concerns. At living proof, their goal is healthy hair. Their hair masks are silicone-free.

Let’s just take a minute to admire the texture of the hair masks!

Intense moisture Mask

What it is?

Protects your hair from frizz, in just minutes. This deep conditioning silicone-free mask intensely conditions. It is designed for those with the coarsest hair without weighing it down. It replenishes healthy hair’s natural protective layer resulting in maximum frizz protection. If you have frizzy curly/wavey hair, you will enjoy this mask.

What does it do?

Instantly conditions to smooth even the coarsest hair, without weighing it down

Provides maximum frizz protection

Up to 70% reduction in breakage after one use

Replenishes healthy hair’s natural protective layer

Helps hair stay cleaner, longer so you can wash less often

My experience:

I have frizzy wavey hair, and I often use some sort of hair treatments such as dry oils, conditioners and masks to control my frizz. I like how this mask controlled the frizz. It also left my hair very soft. I switch between the Frizz intensive moisture mask and the weightless mask. I use this mask once a week. If you have frizzy hair, you are going to enjoy using the mask.

Restore repair mask

What it is?

A deeply conditioning mask treatment that repairs dry, damaged hair by nourishing each strand, leaving hair visibly healthier, stronger, and shinier.

What does it do?

Instantly restores damaged hair cuticles so they act more like new

Restores moisture levels to be more like that of healthier, undamaged hair

Repels dirt so you can shampoo and style less often for a healthier hair care routine

Protects from future damage and strengthens hair to become 20x more resistant to breakage

My experience:

This again, is a fabulous hair mask, and it deeply conditions dry and damaged hair. I really love using this when my hair feels dry. This hair mask leaves my hair very soft, and makes it look healthier. If you often style your hair with styling tools, or you frequently dye your hair then you must give this mask a try. This mask is a treat to use. Also during the quarantine, my hair appears very dry, and this mask did wonders to my hair. I will be purchasing the full size of the mask.

Weightless perfect hair day mask

What it is?

This mask is designed for those with dull hair. This weightless mask is the hair maintenance you never knew you needed. If you prefer lightweight masks, then you will love this. It enhances hair’s natural shine and makes it more manageable and polished. I cannot agree more, this mask left my hair very shiny and soft after the first use. This mask is formulated for fine to normal types, it smooths, strengthens, conditions, and won’t compromise volume.Delivers 5 key benefits of healthy hair: smoothness, volume, conditioning, strength, and polish

What does it do?

Revives dull, lifeless hair in minutes

Has no heavy buildup

Up to 70% reduction in breakage after one use

Replenishes healthy hair’s natural protective layer

Helps hair stay cleaner, longer so you can wash less often

My Experience:

The weightless hair mask is one of my favourite hair masks. I have tried hair masks from many brands and this one comes in my top 3 favourite hair masks. This hair mask leaves my hair like no other hair mask. I love how soft, shiny and silky smooth my hair looks. The texture of this mask is lightweight. Yet, it does an amazing job at conditioning my hair from roots to ends. If you believe your hair needs a little treat then you must go for this mask. This mask is going to bring back moisture and shine into your hair, and will give you salon like sleek hair.

Will I recommend the hair masks?

Yes, I will 100% recommend the living proof hair masks. They are very high quality, and you see the results with the first use. What I really loved about these hair masks is that they smell amazing and are very lightweight which means they would not feel heavy on your hair. I prefer lightweight masks. The Living Proof hair masks leave my hair silky smooth afterwards, if you get the chance to try these out then you must, because you are honestly missing out.

Retail price:

All of these masks retail for 33 pounds. You can purchase them at Living proofs website which is: or you may purchase it at Cult Beauty.

Application process:

After shampooing, I apply the hair mask from roots to ends and I leave it on for 5 mins, and I rinse it with water. Afterwards my hair feels very soft. I always air dry my hair.

Gifted* by the brand, no obligation to post. All opinions are my own.

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