It cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye concealer and confidence in a eye cream | Review

Press samples

Confidence in a eye cream:

Perfect for multiple skin types!

Apricot tint colour-corrects and brightens

Created with an apricot tint, a super ceramide complex, chrysin, licorice root, avocado and squalane.

Retail price: £25

My experience:

I’ve recently started using this eye cream and I am loving it! It has a dreamy velvety texture, which makes my under eyes smooth and bright. The eye cream is also very hydrating. I highly recommend checking this eye cream out.

Bye Bye under eyes concealer:

Key Benefits

Highly pigmented, water-resistant, full-coverage concealer helps to cover the look of imperfections

Helps to make your skin look younger!

Infused with skin-loving peptides, vitamins, hydrolysed collagen, hyaluronic acid and antioxidants.

Retail price: £32

My experience:

It is a full coverage concealer and it looks flawless. I cannot recommend this concealer enough! It has been my favourite product of 2020. How I use the concealer is as follows; I warm the concealer with my fingertips and I blend it with my fingers. You only need a small amount.

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