Bali Buffing Sugar- Coco& Eve

Press sample

What it is?

Bali Buffing sugar by coco and Eve is formulated with exfoliating formula with unique Balinese ingredients renew and revitalize skin.

What it does?

They help to improve the appearance of stretch marks, cellulite and marks. Prepares skin for a perfect self tan

Non sticky, non drying, 100% vegan, no nasties.

Retail price?


Pic credit: Coco and Eve

My experience:

I really enjoyed using this body scrub! It is one of the best body scrubs on the market! It made my skin so so soft! If you love a good body scrub then do check this one out!

Secondly, the heaven-scent Dragonfruit and Lychee fragrance is so dreamy, and lasts for a long time. Get ready to be transported to a tropical beach where you can show off your newly-revitalised skin!

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