Coco and Eve beauty pillow case and eye mask review. New launch.

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Coco&Eve beauty pillow case and eye mask

Coco and Eve have recently launched their Beauty Sleep Pillow Case, and a eye mask. How exciting! Both products are made with satin fabric. Their products are vegan and cruelty free. There are many benefits sleeping on a satin pillowcase. Some of the benefits are that it helps smooth frizzy hair, you wake up with less tangle and knots in your hair. Whereas cotton can snag hair and hair tangles overnight. Today, I am going to talk to you about Coco& Eve new launch.

Beauty Sleep Pillow Case £19.90

(1 x Beauty Sleep Pillowcase Pink 70cm x 45cm)

Coco&Eve beauty sleep pillow case

Key benefits:

  • Silkier, smoother, stronger hair: Unlike traditional cotton pillowcases, this one doesn’t tug or pull at hair, meaning zero frizz and flyaways, just smooth, silky, soft hair.
  • Less tangles: Made from a material so soft and gentle, hair glides over the surface meaning hair is protected for longer.
  • Anti-aging: Less creases and marks left on your skin with this super soft friction-less material that doesn’t irritate.
  • Hydrating: Skin is glowy and plump by morning, kept hydrated all night thanks to a material that keeps your face cream in your skin and not on your sheets.
Coco&Eve satin beauty sleep pillow case and eye mask


I adore the baby pink colour looks so beautiful on my bed too!

Pic credit: Coco&Eve

My experience:

I have been sleeping on this satin pillow case for a few days now. I have noticed a huge difference. My hair has become immensely softer. I wake up with non-frizz hair. I highly recommend checking the pillow case out. You hair is going to love it! Coco&Eve’s beauty pillow case is reasonably priced, and is much cheaper than the ones I have seen online.

Coco&Eve beauty pillow case

Satin Eye Mask £15.90.

The soft satin fabric keeps moisture close to the skin and stops it from drying out overnight.

A soft luxurious eye mask for uninterrupted beauty sleep with anti-aging benefits.

Coco&Eve satin eye mask

Key benefits:

  • Anti-aging: Less creases and marks left on your skin due to friction-less material that doesn’t irritate or pull. Plus its super soft material and blackout effect means you’ll get all the beauty sleep you need.
  • All about comfort: Elastic, silky headband fits like a dream so you don’t have that itchy feeling and can drift off to sleep quickly.
  • Carry pouch: Keep your eye mask free from bacteria with a stylish pouch that makes it ideal to throw in your bag.


It comes in 2 beautiful shades; pink and green. I have the pink one. I am in love with the writing on the eye mask! Like who isn’t dreaming of Bali during this strange time?

Coco& Eve Eye mask in the colour green
Pic credit: Coco& Eve

My experience:

This eye mask is very comfortable and immensely soft. I have been using this mask since I received it. I am loving it, it feels so luxurious. It blocks out all the light. If you love eye masks and are looking for a new one then do check this one out. You will love it.

Coco&Eve like a virgin hair masque

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