Debenhams 2022 Advent Calendar

AD-PR Celebrate the magic of Christmas with Debenhams show-stopping Beauty Advent Calendar. This is a 25 day calendar. This calendar consists of makeup, skincare, bath and body products. The holiday season, is one of the most exciting seasons. So many beauty brands release gorgeous gift boxes and advent calendars. Check out my reel of theContinue reading “Debenhams 2022 Advent Calendar”


Uoma Beauty recently launched their Salute To The Sun Collection. Today, in this blog post I am going to share with you my thoughts on this collection. The collection is absolutely beautiful and I am obsessed with everything I’ve tried! SALUTE TO THE SUN EYESHADOW PALETTE Eyeshadow colours: Wahdj — A shimmering olive green CupreumContinue reading “SALUTE TO THE SUN COLLECTION”